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  • All the perks of the Second Level, plus:​

  • Private Investment Club: Join a club to share and pool investments.​

  • Annual Retreat: Exclusive invite to luxury retreat with workshops and networking.​

  • Direct Access to Founders/Experts: Get personalized mentorship from founders or experts.​

  • Portfolio Review: Assess and strategize for growth with financial experts annually or bi-annually.


Ultimate Membership

  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings: Participate in wealth-building sessions via Zoom.​

  • Private Facebook Group: Join an exclusive network for daily insights.​

  • Monthly Newsletter: Get market analysis and investment tips.​

  • Q&A Sessions: Monthly access to financial experts.


Global Virtual Membership

  • All the perks of the First Level, plus​

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls: Personalized financial guidance twice a month.​

  • Exclusive Webinars/Workshops: Access higher-level learning with industry leaders.​

  • Premium Content: In-depth reports, analyses, and tools exclusive to this level.​

  • Guest Speaker Sessions: Monthly sessions with finance and wealth management  experts.


In-person Membership


The Women’s Secure65 Mastermind is a program designed to recognize and empower exceptional women leaders who are making significant contributions in the realms of technology and longevity. At the core of this mastermind class is our belief that women's perspectives are crucial in shaping a future where technology enhances human capabilities and well-being.

Those who attend this class will benefit from exclusive access to the Abundance Summit and the year-round Secure65 Mastermind program, a gateway to a powerful network of trailblazers who are committed to positive global change. We honor these women leaders who are pushing the boundaries in technological innovation and longevity. Together, we can create an abundant future for all.

The Women’s Secure65 Mastermind program is open to all female-identifying members of Secure65 Mastermind and qualified women who are invited by any member of Secure65 Mastermind. Join us as we explore new frontiers in health, technology, and personal development for women by women! 

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